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Lady Week!

Lady Week 2010!

When the Top 75 rolled out, there were only 13 songs by female artists on it. I'm thinking we need to talk about awesome women in bands, so I'm calling upon you, you sexy bitches, to share your favorite lady-dominated tracks.

The Rules
- Female voices, please! The entire band doesn't need to be female, and today, neither the artist nor the song has to be queer.

- Downloads or Youtube links only. Unfortunately, a global community that can figure out how to bring convenient reasonably-sized videos to the internet cannot figure out how to make music stream without screwing up for people on slower connections. Recommendations posted without a link are likely to go unheard, because people are lazy.

- Don't be a douchebag. To put it more explicitly: be respectful of other people's opinions and don't be a misogynist. If you say shit like "I love this artist because she doesn't have to rely on her TITS for popularity!" I will punch you in the face and steal your wallet. If you can't figure out how to say something positive about someone you like without saying something negative about someone else, your artist of choice is not very good.

Post your tracks in the comments and tell your friends. We can make a meme of it. (Ha!) If you sample any of the music people link to, it'd be polite to add a song yourself!

And of course, these tracks are for preview purposes only, and if you download something and like it, you should obviously delete it and go buy it from a licensed retailer, etc etc.
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