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Lady Week!

Whoo, Lady Week on Queerics! A fat Siamese cat helped me compile this update by sitting on my lap and grabbing at every small object on my desk.

1. On Friday, February 5, I'm going to ask you to share your favorite songs by female artists. They don't have to be 100% female projects or exclusively queer; anything woman-fronted is totally fine. I'll make an entry that day where you can put your links--downloads or Youtube only, please, because the internet has not figured out how to make streaming audio that works for more than 40% of users. I'll leave it unlocked so you can get your non-Queericyte friends to contribute, too. I'm giving you some warning so you can start thinking about who you want to spaz about and find/make your links!

2. Lady Week related: Kara and Rich of Team Smile and Nod made a mixtape (well, digital mixtape) for the Voice of Cassandre, and it is badass. Sweet sounds! For free!

3. Nicky The Most Talented Boy In The World and my superfriend rocknrollpsycho found this unofficial but hilariously literal and really freaking gay video for Lady Gaga's "Teeth." I have seriously watched it like, 40 times, because I can't stop laughing at the dancing inquisitor. I can't tell if he's seeking vampires for the Vatican or Lady Gaga. Plotholes! Lady Gaga's record label is being a total spoilsport about it, though, and it keeps disappearing from Youtube. Luckily, the director has a Quicktime version on his site. There is some light man-on-vampire-man BDSM in the video, so maybe you shouldn't watch it in front of your grandma. (Unless she's Anne Rice.)

4. I met Johnny Marr last weekend. This has absolutely nothing to do with Queerics or the theme of the week, since he... is not a lady. I'm just telling everyone I know because he is an awesome, classy guy and you should totally say hi to him if you ever get the chance. Also, he gave me his guitar pick and I'm still jizzing in my pants about it. CAN'T STOP JIZZING.
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