Chesh (cheshcan) wrote in queerics,

Queerics Top 75

It's done. What more is there to say?

Well, okay: now that it's finished, this is the point where we all disavow any responsibility we had in its making and complain about it. That's what lists like this are ultimately for, right? Seriously, though, I think it's a pretty good collection.

Fun facts:
Songs 25-35 clearly aroused the least passion in people, as only 32 votes total were cast in that round. (Compare to 16-24, where there were fewer songs to pick from and 48 votes cast.) That makes sense, because they are kind of a valley of bland between peaks of awesome. How'd that happen?

Three songs made it through the second round of voting without pulling in a single vote: "Battle For The Sun," "Bruise Pristine," and "The Negative Sex." I see we are doubting ourselves, Placebo fans. After this past year I'm going to need a very long break from Placebo to feel like doing anything but shaking my fist at them. But hey, you know Steve Hewitt? He's great. He wished me a happy birthday on Facebook.

Songs on the list...
That were on Queerics within the first three months of its existence: 36
That deal with gender: about a third
That are performed by a female vocalist: Uh, 13?

I think sometime soon, we're going to have to have a "share your favorite songs by ladies" party, guys. I don't think it's anyone's duty to shoehorn music into their lives based on the artist's gender, but I've never spoken to a woman whose collection is light on female artists because she hates them all reflexively and has no desire to listen to women who totally rock. Female artists you like can be harder to find than men, especially if you're into deeper voices or rock god guitar solos, but it's not impossible! We can do it!
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